Kerry Goelzer Associates Edith L Moore

edith-l-mooreEdith L Moore Log Cabin Restoration

The Log Cabin built by Edith Moore and her husband is located within the Houston Audubon Society 17.5 acre nature preserve along Rummel Creek. When the cabin was originally constructed in 1932, the logs of the cabin were harvested from the native pines on the site. In 1975, Edith donated the land and cabin to the Houston Audubon Society to be used as a center for nature activities. Since then, the facility has had over 9,000 visitors to the site annually. After nearly 80 years, the bottom logs of the traditional log cabin deteriorated, and the client, contractor, and Kerry Goelzer Associates (KGA) collaborated to replace them without undermining the cabin construction and to maintain the history of the building. KGA consulted with the client and contractor and worked as a guide on various technical aspects, city permitting challenges, ADA review of existing facilities, contract forms, and award recognition submittals.